Sunday, 10 January 2010

loving the whiteout

well, we seem to be back on track guys. this week we've bagged just over 50 miles, which for early January and the tasty conditions out there i feel is a good effort. charlie is hyper on every outing, his energy is boundless.
for me though the snow and ice is forcing me to run at a very steady pace, which i like! but with greater effort. i wonder how much more effort exactly is used running in snow than feels like a lot!

to keep it safe we've been running locally where we know every inch of the land. but even yesterday the variabilty of snow depth was incredible down one field alone! you're running on a more compact less deep surface one minute and the next you're missing the bottom half of your legs!

here's a few snaps from saturdays outing. the weather kept changing. one minute a sun strewn winter wonderland followed quickly by dark skies and light snow flurries. and so it kept alternating. the wind chill was also very noticeable for the first time.

fresh snow...nose lickin' good

up on gun hill

the roaches looking moody

hen cloud looking less moody (5 mins after taking the roaches pic)

round tittersworth reservoir (with a brief stop to refuel on mrs uc's spiced apple cake)

over to a frozen rudyard lake

and finally, back home via our local church (called the church in the wilderness) where me and mrs uc got hitched and our kids christened

a good week to snowboard us into the next with a slight mileage we go again!


kate said...

well impressed you got a 50m week in such conditions. i'm really jealous of your proper snow. all we've had here is slush and ice. keep up the good work!

mialena said...

So pretty!!! We have too much snow here to run across the fields like that - have to stick to the boring roads. Boo!

Runningbear said...

Love your illustrated adventures. Charlie looks to be in heaven. Training going well and puts my marathon moans to shame. Keep up the adventures, RB.

Andrew said...

Great pics of charlie leading the way and enjoying. is that a 'stick' in his mouth? lol

RunnerinLV said...

I can't say that I am jealous of the snow, but I am jealous of the mileage.Seems like Charlie is in his element though.

Hayfella said...

I never saw Rudyard looking like that in all the time we were there! Lovely shots. And a great route too.

ultra collie said...

kate - lucky you. whats your favourite flavour?

mialena - thank you. very priveledged to live where we do

rb - your mararthon moans are inspiring..they remind me of the need to run quicker from time to time

andrew - a modest one by his usual standards..he does it when my pace is slack

rlv - im sure you'll pick it up high again once back home for good

hf - a first for me too!