Tuesday, 26 January 2010

dog blog

this week we managed to get the mileage up to 58..just 2 short of our goal..we must either try harder or learn to count properly ;)

sundays 4.5hr outing saw weather ranging from springlike with all the bird sound effects

right through to snow blizzards on top of the roaches

the great thing is that im really enjoying it all and secondly sustaining the effort (50m, 51m, 58m) hasnt been an issue..probably due to my enjoyment

now the worst of the weather has just about gone we'll be going higher once again and adding in some faster stuff and hill reps midweek as time goes on

charlie too is coping well with the extra mileage and im desperately hoping he'll be in good enough fettle for our ultras but most importantly the coast to coast. big thanks to our friends kate and gerraint for their massive help with the lad.

so..an easy week ahead..some swimming, gym, bit of biking and a long run at the weekend..and some lounging around

one happy collie!


Andrew said...

Sounding on top form - when's your first event?


Steady on, fella don't you be overdoing that lounging around caper.

kate said...

can charlie ride a bike ;)

ultra collie said...

andrew - ive got three build up events to the c2c..haworth hobble (33), highland fling (53), and cateran trail (55)

ptr - more time to read your blog ;)

kate - tandem ;)

Nick said...

Lounging around? You pull our legs. There's no time for such slacking with that training schedule, surely?
You leave the lounging to me as I sit in this Dutch hotel room, highly alcoholic beverage to my right ;-)

Runningbear said...

Hi UC, you guys sounds like you're having too much fun...running is supposed to be hard work! Strokes to Charlie.

ultra collie said...

nick - as one of my role models i must follow your lead and book both hotel and highly alcoholic beverage at once

rb - lots of very slow fun..lasts longer that way.

sbrt said...

Dogs are great when they are tired.