Monday, 1 February 2010

white nancies and marine boys

this weekend had a bit of everything

...a bit of dissapointment in failing to make it to the that's lyth event in the lakes due to my terrible choice of totally inappropriate car for the snowy conditions. setting off from home at 5am me and the pooch (my front seat co-pilot) got as far as just south of preston before abandonning all positivity that it was a good idea to continue. real shame as beyond preston it was ok apparently and the event was held in belting cold sunny clear sky conditions

... a bit of running around and on the white nancy instead, which was lovely.

...a bit of weights in the gym afterwards (no dogs allowed). this, and swimming, are really paying dividends for me this year..and the change keeps things fresh too

...a bit of teaching will to a. swim under water and b. sit on the bottom of the pool

...a bit of one of those moments when kids say the funniest things when will came out with 'i'm a big fan of pins and needles'..he's just discovered them and how to make them happen!

...a bit of a ten miler this morning to set me up for the next mileage build over the coming 3 weeks (60, 65, 70)

all in all a bit of a good, if at times improvised, weekend :)


Andrew said...

When one door closes another one allways opens, glad to see all went ok.

kate said...

i think we got caught in the 'preston snow storm' on the way back from the lakes. there's nothing i like more than 'exciting' motorway driving ;)

keep up the good work!

Runningbear said...

Good to read something good comes from the pesky white stuff, it's come back to haunt us this morning...
2010 sounds like its gonna be a great training year for you and Charlie, and Spring's not that far away.
Keep on enjoying it all, its an uplifting read. RB.

jake.fairhurst1997 said...

andrew - and sometimes you run smack into them!

kate - think there's a bit of withnail in you ;)

rb - 2010..the year of the ultra collie ;)