Wednesday, 10 February 2010

i haven't done it in ages!

im talking about running harder / tempo efforts (not the 'other thing').

i've been happily getting the miles up and running steady so i thought it was about time to mix it up and sharpen myself up a bit too.

every run i'm feeling great at the moment and today's was no exception. just 1m warm up/down with 2x2m at tempo effort...the equivalent of lsr pace for a lot of you i suspect!

it got kind of 'out there' for a while running fast-ish in the pitch black with a headtorch into a light snow flurry..a weird strobe lighting effect firing at me.

is it me or does snow always 'fire' at you as opposed to away from you?!

anyway enough about's a pic of my leader


kate said...

does that mean you got to work early ;)

ultra collie said...

ha ha!

Julie said...

Hi Ultra Collie,
To answer your question...yes, when I am running, several times the snow seems to whip me in the face...both ways:) Good job on your run glad to hear you are going faster and stronger. Excellent!

I love the picture of your running leader Charlie:) If there is ever a post where I don't leave you a comment...know that I will always read your posts in hopes of more pics. of your collie Charlie!! I hope that you have an awesome day:)