Wednesday, 24 February 2010

suspended reality

i had quite a surreal run this morning

at 0530, equipped with head torch, we headed out for a tempo run along the lakeside, in the valley so to speak. the underfoot conditions were a mix of ice, water, mud, snow, a right ever changing hotch potch. and the fog was thick.

after a little while, everything around felt a little strange. we were immersed in a white blanket with the head torches light bouncing back off the fog. visiblity was zero, only seeing anything once you were on top of it, making each footfall quite interesting.

the running felt good, flowing even..though something didnt seem quite right..the effort level didnt feel the comfortable hard it should have but the legs were turning nicely and the pace seemed good

it felt like i was running in some shrouded bubble..with no reference points to judge anything by

it was all an illusion. what it felt like wasn't the reality. the watch told a different story (backing up my low effort level). but it had felt like i was flying along. reality had been suspended.


kate said...

maybe the mist got into the watch and borked the timings....maybe ;)

Emma said...

and I thought he was going to say then he was woken by the alarm !!! :-)

4 Winds said...

Had something similar running into snow at night on the moors - felt like I was zipping anlong even when I stopped. Hypnotic

4 Winds said...

or even zipping along ;-)

Julie said...

Hi Ultra Collie,
Man, I don't know how you run in that stuff!?! I have issues just driving in the fog and would be so afraid of running into a tree, tripping on something and ect:) I am impressed that you got out there and got a nice run in:) I hope that you and Charlie are having a great week!!

Nick said...

Dave, you can get the same illusion running at night. It feels as if you're really motoring because you only see the fast-moving ground that's at your feet.

ultra collie said...

kate - glad im not alone;)

emma - my dreams are about missing the start of races and coming last..hang on, that's reality :-0

4winds - its weird isnt it. we could bottle it and flog it in clubs

julie - some of the other guys on here make my outings seem very tame

nick - it was in the dark. thats what made it all the more weird