Saturday, 6 February 2010


this week i have been mostly running to and from work
well not every day
its the start of my back to backs to toughen me up a bit

3hrs run home in the pitch black x-c, canal path and road
bit of tucker
5hrs sleep
up at 4am
bit of tucker
3hrs reverse route run starting 5am
bit of tucker

only downside was not being able to take charlie..i'm in the doghouse

but...spring is here. its official, as i ran through my first lamb filled fields of the year

60miles easily done and dusted this week.

still on track...amazing :-0


sbrt said...

Hats off to you David

I would not dare. It would be round the ring road or through the roughest part of the city.

Or is that just a cop out? You have got me thinking.

kate said...

good work! not sure i could function on 5hrs sleep but i might start running in again. only 3m though... then 12hr work :(

Runningbear said...

Wowzers UC! That's tough guy running. Is that really 3 hrs each way?!? That's a daddy of a run. RESPECT.

ultra collie said...

sbrt - sometimes just helps with scheduling

kate - they work you hard that NHS..not like on casualty on the telly;)

rb - 3hrs because im slow..1.5 for you

Drunkeneuphoria said...

I'm really full of admiration for anybody that can do something like a 3hour commute to work and then the same back! I can't even face the prospect of 5 there and back in the dark at this time of year.

Thats fantastic, aside from the fact its 6 hours on feet, I would really struggle mentally with getting myself up for that second run. Keep at it.

ultra collie said...

cheers de - needs must.but you know you can too!

Julie said...

Hi David,
Your collie is beautiful:) When I was growing up we had a border collie named Toby and your picture made me think of him. I am so glad that you were able to take him in and give him a good home! God bless you:)

Andrew said...

Fast show - i like it. The long run to and from work, i am impressed. It's got me thinking... But will somebody please think of the dogs, bless them.

ultra collie said...

julie - thanks for your kind words. but i didnt say it was a good home ;)

andrew - thats the downside but i look upon it as a bit of let up on his ageing joints

Julie said...

Hi David,
You are pretty funny:) I don't know you but the fact that you took Charlie in leads me to believe that you have a kind heart!! I also like your sense of humor:)

kate said...

no, nothing like causality, much, much more boring ;)

Anonymous said...

Drive carefully. It is not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker.............................................

ultra collie said...

julie - you need a sense of humour with a collie :)

kate - i bet it packed full of thrills and gossip really

thanks for the cheery note and tip about cars and the like. i'll bear it in mind.

kate said...

best spam yet :)

Nick said...

How do they get to spam when they need a password? I didn't think spammers were that intelligent. DELETE.

Dave, I'm still impressed. Keep it up fella.