Friday, 19 February 2010

the GREAT winter spring debate

hayfella at smileyrunner wrote 'The world is on the cusp. Poised between winter and spring. You get the feeling it could go either way; slip back into winter's sleety grey, like yesterday, or continue inexorably forward into spring's warmer embrace'

so come on ladies, gents and all our canine friends JOIN THE DEBATE NOW!

For 'its nearly spring'
birds are tweeting earlier in the mornings
its getting lighter earlier and darker later
the easter eggs are out in the shops
the dfs winter sale ads have stopped
the fields are filling with gambling lambs
theres already talk of the summer transfer window
the salads at work are getting better

For 'it's still winter'
just pop outside and see
we still light the fire every night
the headtorch is the must have piece of kit still
my shorts haven't seen the light of day yet
charlie still has a full coat and hasn't had his customary lean mean shave yet
everyone keeps banging on about the snow and how cold it is
we're still drinking red wine and not much white
the hills are pretty empty :)
we still haven't booked a summer holiday

there's a few starters for ten but we want to hear what you think! is it nearly spring??? or is it still winter??? or do you not care?

vote and have your say now!


4 Winds said...

Hi urc,

Daffs out, shorts on I say!
They're nearly there on the lawn but the sprinkling of snow this morning and 'rest weekend' of the Six Nations puts us firmly in the 'still winter' bracket

Julie said...

Hi Ulta Collie,
I persoanlly have had it with this whole winter, snow and cold thing!!! I say bring on spring...I want to hear the birds chirping, smell the earth thawing, see green things sprouting up, and Lord knows that I would love to run without twenty layers of clothing:) Bring on spring!! Have a great weekend URC!!

ultra collie said...

one all so far..maybe a multi-continent effect coming into play

Andrew said...

Andrew - spring
Jasper - Winter, because he loves the snow.

kate said...

winter-still using winter gloves on commute and keeping fingers crossed for one more snow adventure

ultra collie said...

winter 3 - spring 2 so far

Hayfella said...

5cm of snow yesterday. Sunny this morning. -2 degrees. Slipped back to winter I reckon!

Emma said...

Is this not a glass half full or empty comparison?? If that's the case then it has to be racing forward into SPRING! It was sooooo nice to be under a clear blue blanket on saturday and feeling the warmth, YES warmth of the February sun on the face, to the point it would have been a good idea to set off after applying vaseline or some such in a bid to stave off the red ruddy cheeks!

c'est la vie....bring on the spring I say although not 100% convinced it has actually 'sprung'!

ultra collie said...

latest score

winter 4 - spring 3

emma - yes, a case of perception/anticipation/delusion vs actual reality ;)

sbrt said...

Looks like mother nature has joined the debate, by dropping a load of the white stuff.

Macc Forrest mini M M cancelled/ posponed again.

ultra collie said...

will add that as a vote for winter sbrt..winter must surely have this one in the bag!

winter 5 - spring 3

Drunkeneuphoria said...

SPRING for me, Tuesday was still baltic but I think that was the last "rumblings" (though i gather its bad in Sciotland still?). Yesterday I ran in shorts and the little snowflake symbol against car thermometer had disappeared on drive from work, for about the first time this year.