Monday, 15 February 2010

pure ubu

this is my latest find for post long outing rehydration
why was i drawn to it in the first place? the dog of course and the brilliant piece of wordsmithing on the bottle (see opposite)
it tastes pretty good too!


4 Winds said...

Wonder if it's inspired by Pere Ubu (the band);-)

sbrt said...

God love him the dog is mad.

2 for £3 at sainsburys. Hope that doesn't mean they are discontinuing it.

Julie said...

Cheers to dogs and UBU:) AKA: Ultra Running Collie being himself:) I am glad that it tasted good! Enjoy your day!!

kate said...

haha! i've recently been drinking a red wine that has a bicycle on the label :)

Runningbear said...

Love it. Did Charlie share any with you?

ultra collie said...

4 winds - a case of 'passing off' ?

sbrt - hope not..but we're making sure supplies are running low ;

julie - he is mad, believe me

kate - see, semiotics work

rb - he's tee-total..can you believe it!

Drunkeneuphoria said...

hehe, I reward myself with alcohol too - in case I hadn't mentioned this before? I've got quite keen on strong cider again, like I'm reverting to my youth, but new premium strong stuff actually tastes good!