Monday, 15 February 2010

the white stuff..

..its still here! on our run we encountered these vast stubborn scapes of snow and drifts, mostly iced over and passable on foot...thanks to Charlie who acted as an excellent pathfinder!

talking of the lad..he's signs of any stiffness and mad as a...:)


Julie said...

Great pictures...glad Charilie is back to his old tricks;) Happy Monday!!

Julie said...

Hi Ultra Collie,
I am smiling at your comment about the ta ta's:) The half marathon that I ran was called the Lace Up For Breast Cancer. Here in the states ta ta's is another name for boobs/breast:) Ha ha, I saw the shirt and had to have it!! Thanks for your made my day:)

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Good news, Charlie looking up and running well and now you've found SNOW! It keeps falling in Hull, but not enough to lay. I had about a cm under foot on last weeks longest run in the Wolds, which I think actually spurred me along.

Your pic looks a bit like the drifts Clairster and I came across near Marsden in South pennines 3 weeks ago, really deep in places but completly clear elsewhere.

Drunkeneuphoria said...

By the way, can't see your second pic and when I click it I get a message saying "Adult/Sexually Explicit" content ;)

sbrt said...

Glad to hear Charlie is ok.

You had me worried there.

Andrew said...

dogs and kids the worry of my life and so it seems yours to. Glad charlie is ok. I seen a collie working with sheep today,what an amazing sight.

kate said...

phew, may be it was just a 'bad run' or charlie's been getting all existential about these long outings and wondering if there's any point to it all ;)

glad you both had a good trot out :)

ultra collie said...

julie - ah..i get it..derr

de - how queer!

sbrt - cheers

andrew - thanks. but have you seen sheep work a collie! mine gave charlie the run around

kate - he must have been reading my mind!

Lily on the Road said...

Oh, I'm so glad to read that Charlie is rallying. I had a border collie named Belle and she would just "go". Don't you just love their spirit??

Have you included any Glucosamine or fish oil to his diet. I'm not sure how old he is but that may help him a little.

Best wishes with your ultra's