Sunday, 14 February 2010

charlie update

8 hours on and the lad is considerably fact you'd be hard pushed to notice he'd been out running in the hills for over 6 hours yesterday
we're off to the lakes for a week soon where we'll run'll be a good yardstick to see how he does
the trouble is, like most collies, you cant hold him back. he'd rather be out there than not. think i'll step up his supplements..and mine too ;)


Runningbear said...

I read your Charlie update before bed last night and wanted to post you some kind words but didn't know what to say. It felt like a bit of a sad place to be.
Reading your update has cheered me a bit this morning. I hope you can both enjoy lots more runs to come, & a bit of doggie massage might not go amiss...? Lots of fuss and strokes to Charlie, RB.

Julie said...

Cheers and smiles from Minnesota:) Glad to hear Charlie is doing better!!

4 Winds said...

Hi urc,
Me and Spook are both prone to a bit of creakiness. I've given him Flexi-Joints from vetvits for years now which seems to help after a good run. I've noticed that he's a lot less stiff if he goes straight out into the garden to round the rabbits up (cooling down, I suppose)Charlie's a fine looking dog!

ultra collie said...

i really appreciate all your thoughtful comments and support.
maybe i just saw lots of post-run negativity last night. today he's as agile and fit as a fiddle. all your suggestions are great
rb - thanks..i'll try it..maybe send to auntie rb for a weekend ;)
julie - thanks too, you're very kind
4winds - he was on a feed supplement but then i found something else but may reinstate his supplement too. and rabbit chasing as a cooldown seems like a great idea..thanks for the tip

kate said...

so glad to hear things might not as bad as they seem. maybe charlie needs a few shorter runs or could have just pulled a muscle with all the snow running?

give the boy a good belly rub from me :)