Saturday, 13 February 2010

no blue skies

im afraid this is a bit of a sad post
i've had his nibs for a few years now and now the long stuff seems to be to taking it toll after each outing
i give charlie every aid possible but even so his stiffness post run is clear to see. during our outings he's fine, more than fine, he's in his element
but when we get back he lays down a while and then the stiffness shows when he gets up
but hey if i rest afterwards im the same
if im mobile i walk it all off..maybe i should keep him mobile to walk it out
i think what im saying is that i think we can continue together to do our ultras this year, he's ok for not sure i can see how the coast to coast can become a reality for us together
seven days of 26+ miles per day
i know in his mind he can do it, but im worried about the impact on his limbs
i'll see how he is in the morning but im not that optimistic right now
the whole coast to coast idea was inspired by our running together..without him im not so sure i'll have quite the same appetite to do it


Julie said...

Hi Ultra Collie,
I am sorry to hear about Charlie and his stiffness after runs. I am sure he loves running with you as much as you love having him by your side. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and Charlie:) How old is he? Toby lived to be seventeen years old and he was the same way...just wanting to keep up with me:) That is a fantastic pictures, I love it!! Thank you:) Tell Charlie that I said to hang in there;)

Hayfella said...

Sad as it is, I think you're probably right about the C2C. I read somewhere that they help racehorses recuperate by encouraging them to swim: I can see it no...Swimming pool in the garden; one lane for you, the other for Charlie. Give him a pat for me.

Emma said...

I know exactly how you feel. Dave is really struggling now at only 8 but although a collie x he has the bone set of his x - a springer, so dumpier legs! I kept blaming it on that and after a very long day yesterday in the lakes he's pretty stiff today. Like Charlie he's had some epic runnign adventures but I fear the long days out will have to end all too soon :-(

big pats for Charlie :-)

ultra collie said...

hf - we'll see..i could carry him if needs be! ..i think i was feeling low and had too many wines!
but yes, he's a fine swimmer

emma - sorry to hear about Dave (must check him out on your blog). if its any help i use three things on charlie (which im now going to use concurrently) - rimadyl (its like nurofen for dogs so reduces inflammation), cartrofen - a cartillage therapy that you inject and then joint aid, a glucossamine/chrondrotin supplement. ive used them individually so far but now may go for them together. not cheap i guess but hopefully worth it
thanks for your kind thoughts and strokes to dave

Daz H said...

just found your blog
great work in taking on your collie. charlie is a lucky dog. badger gets stiff as welland he is only three. i think the problem with badger is that he just slumps down after a hard run and three hours later decides to move, cue lots of stretching.