Friday, 9 April 2010

goodbye evil top !!!!!!!!!!!

a great back end of the week planned..17m back from work last night, 17m back in this morning early doors and a 25-30m bimble round the peaks on saturday.
change the plan.
did last nights 17..beautiful warmish night..running really well..feeling good. felt a bit of irritation on and around my underarms..just thought it was a bit of passing stinging from sweat maybe and not worried as i was using a bumbag not a backpack. but oh no..the 'horror' had returned and was revealed when i got home (i'll save you the jury the evidence). the cause? one chuffing alpine lowe base layer. i wore it the other week when it happened last. never had any problems before with any other top in my life. so its now confined to history, languishing in the dark recesses of the bin, too evil to be given away to charity.
that means that todays run, which i should have already started (0530am) and probably tomorrows is postponed and replaced with biking to minimise any upper body movement and friction. and so i'll need to revise my plan yet again..though i do like to tinker with it.
hopefully i wont be encountering this issue again. better to find out now than half way across the country i guess.
must say it does hurt though. or am i just being a bit of a soft lad?


Lee Maclean said...

or am i just being a bit of a soft lad?

Not at all. A friend of mine ran he Cateran Trail last year in an Icebreaker top and ended up in A&E on the way home with 3rd degree burns. Weeks spent going back and forth to have dressings changed!!

ultra collie said...

lee - crikey..mind you can see why..if i ran 3 times the lengthy yesterday i reckon i might have ended up the same way
apparently its the chemicals they put into it that have caused an allergic skin reaction on me

Andrew said...

I only wear Ron hill tops. Glad to see the tops gone in the bin - was it new?

Julie said...

Hi Ultra Collie,
You...a soft lad? Yea, that will be the day:) Sorry about your ouchy!! Have a great weekend and give Charlie a pat for me:)

RunnerinLV said...


Drunkeneuphoria said...

Must be all the new muscles from the training rubbing against the top ;¬)