Saturday, 17 April 2010

one of those runs (6am)..

..where it feels just immeasurable

we started from the ship in wincle (where id parten of a couple of scoops the previous night) and headed through the forest up onto the moor and over to the roaches. a glorious morning and not a soul in sight..except the wild deer, new born lambs and a few birds. a perfect run that will contribute to my highest weekly mileage ever in my life.

and just to keep up the madness, i've decided we'll 'wing the fling' next weekend after all.i tried to pull out but got one of those e mails back from the organisers that immediately changed my mind..'but charlie is infamous for his fling finishes' it cant argue with that. so with my longest run this year having been all of 25miles i now have the task of doubling it plus a little bit more next saturday.

time to taper?


Drunkeneuphoria said...

With your recent mileages I can't see that double up being an issue. You've been there and know the score. As I've found when I've returned to ultras from revious years its never as difficult as the first time.

kate said...

brilliant news :) !!!!

.....tapering's for wimps ;)

Julie said...

Hi Ultra Collie,
You are a brave man!! Something tells me that you and Charlie and going to do great:) I can't wait to hear about it...I want pictures:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

ultra collie said...

de - thanks for the vote of confidence !

kate - a 25m taper today for us :-)

julie - thanks also for the tea leaves prediction..fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

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