Thursday, 8 April 2010


so a ten week countdown has began
with a little recce or two last week, ive now started the planning and prep properly..pouring over maps and trying to get the route into my head. a bit of tweaking to my training too.
oh and it appears to be on my mind enough that im now dreaming about it at night


4 Winds said...

Ah, glad it's not just me who dreams about running :-)Where's that painting set? Amazing.

Julie said...

Hi Ultra Collie,
You are dreaming of running and double checking maps! I love are obsessing over racing:) I hope that you a great day!

Emma said...

ha ha ha the dreaming thing, I give it another 4 - 6 weeks and you'll struggle to get to sleep to dream about it because you'll actually be doing it in your head and being unable to sleep!!! Trust me, you wouldn't believe the number of times I've now done this BG and the many varied meals that have been consumed at the stops...funny how it always gets back to food though :-) Good to see the prep coming on

kate said...

not long is it! any updates on charlie doing it? for the fling what if i promise to buy the chips ;)

ultra collie said...

4winds- a man of many talents me! ;-)

julie - yep, i need therapy..but no racing for me just enjoying plodding over and through lovely places

emma - love the culinary emphasis emma..thats one of the bonuses of long distance yes? and its not just a girl thing either

kate - looks like charlie will start..yipee! will make a final fling decision this weekend..see my next blog why..but oh you temptress..scraps included in the offer too??

sbrt said...

Tic follows tock.

Hope it was a happy dream .

I sometimes have dreams in which I have forgotten my compass, shoes shorts, or running partner