Saturday, 15 January 2011


i thought the panto season was over

'we're back!'
'oh no you're not!'
'oh yes we are!'
'oh no you're not!'
'oh yes we..well..maybe not'

one thing i appear to have ommitted from my last post was the small matter of a little stumble i took out on my run. coming off shining tor, heading across the still icy moor, and probably not paying enough attention to what i was doing, my left leg suddenly gave way and over to my left i was plummeting. instead of doing the sensible thing (hindsight's great after any event isn't it!) and completing a total fall into the bracken i got 3/4 down and spontaneously tried to correct it. to cut a long story short my right leg probably contorted in a way its not meant to. feeling only mild discomfort in it (which is natural) i brushed myself down, took an intake of breath (looking around to see if any other soul had witnessed my john cleese act) and slowly took up the pace once more

the next day my planned run was aborted 10 paces from right leg/knee didn't want to know

a trip for a sports massage diagnosed the problem as a likely micro tear to the quad just above the knee

two days on and still no better a trip to mike honey, physio god, diagnosed damage to the tendon above and surrounding the knee. treatment has started and this nice pink strapping applied (he didn't have any other colourways available)..if i'm honest i quite like the fluro pink ;-)

so..bit of a bummer

this weekends trip to the lakes for a UTLD recce aborted. i can hobble for very short outings in a bit of pain that eventually subsides but nothing long for now so my training is kind of not where i thought it might be or where i wanted it to be

im hoping for a quick recovery but in the meantime im doing lots of gym (with gritted teeth), some swimming and generally improving a whole load of stuff for the better

id rather not have had to apply the brake right now but some things you can't change and if you can't change them you've gotta make the best of whatever situation you find yourself in

hopefully give it another week and it'll be business as usual, in the meantime i'll crack on with what i can do...


4 Winds said...

Crikey! Take it steady and get well soon. Like the fluro pink (fluro's the new black)


Stu Stod said...

Good positive attitude.
Hope your back at it soon.
If its any consolation its non stop rain up at the lakes this weekend.

Johann said...

Sorry to hear about this, always a bummer. I've been lucky. I fell in my last two races and bashed my left knee and elbow both times with cuts and obviously no skin. Both times my running was not affected at all.

About the sand and salt water: two black toe nails and one blister. I think I got off lightly for 80km of sand.

sbrt said...

Does this mean Charlie will have to start running ultras without you?

Wishing you a speedy recovery, All the best mate.

Nick said...

Get well soon Dave. Treat yourself well with gentle exercise that's not TOO painful.

GaryB said...

Ouch thats sounds like it should be painful.And i thought i was having no luck at the moment in trying to kick start my training. I wish you luck for a speedy recovery and a return to full training with charlie am sure he must be missing his runs :0)

ultra collie said...

4 winds ..fluros spreading..from dartmoor to..

stu..i'd take the rain please did well there then!

sbrt..he can go out on loan for mini mm's ;)

nick..cheers, see you soon hopefully
gary b..hello! i cabn send him over the border once he's worn sbrt out if you like!

Runningbear said...

Hope it's just a few days and your both back to grafting on those hills soon...

Are you sure you're not wearing stripey tights? A new weekend interest for you perhaps..?


RunnerinLV said...

Hope your knee feel better soon. Good color though.

ultra collie said...

rb..i'll try anything ;-)

rlv..yes..the injury does have its upsides!

kate said...

rubbish news but those go faster stripes will work. yeh, and like everyone has said the weather was rubbish this weekend. take care :)

Hayfella said...

This is why gyms were invented. Hope it clears up quickly.

Andrew said...

OMG - lets hope you get better soon. Hows charlie, still getting his exercise i hope. By the way i'm still here and still read your blog every week.

ultra collie said...

kate..i'll take the worst weather known to man!

hf..too right..quite like a bit of swimming etc but its NOT fell running!

andrew..glad you and jasper are back! hope you're back blogging too..missed your missives!