Saturday, 8 January 2011

we're back!

so christmas and the new year has come and gone (thanks santa aka mrs uc for making my present wishes come true..the results will be amazing??)
the technical line faults are solved
and so its back to the business of blogging

those with a canny eye may have noticed a minor amend to my page. in the true spirit of 'where's wally' i'll let you work that one out yourselves

today me and the boy had a rather blowy and chilly run round the macc harriers fell handicap route..a short 14 miler but a great and challenging route, with lovely bits of remote and desolate moorlands to travers

for me it's all inspiring stuff and worth getting a battering for by both the elements and the terrain

my running buddy is now 60 (in dog years) to the best of my knowledge but today showed he's still up to it all, banging over the stiles and dry stone walls as though they weren't there! i'll watch him closely over the next year but maybe limit his outings to 30 milers..which will mean me going solo on the bigger stuff...and that'll be a first!

interesting times ahead


kate said...

yay, great to have you back :) do i get a prize for noticing the change? surely it's a typo and you're still doing the 100?

i think charlie will be still going long after i stop!

sbrt said...

Great stuff. looking forward to seeing more results from your new camera obscurer.

Nick said...

Mr. Collie's master, you do whatever you want to your schedule to keep the fire burning. It's all good.

ultra collie said...

kate - the goldfish's on its way..hopefully still alive when it knocks on your door

sbrt - im on page 12 out of 98 of the instructions

nick - happy with my choice and see it as positive

kate said...

thanks, i'll keep him on the mantle piece with all my other prizes ;) well, whatever the distance i'm looking forward to added photos with all reports :)

Karen said...

wow the pictures look crystal clear, that must be some fab camera you have there ;)

ultra collie said...

kate - it does all sorts..colour, b&w, name it..and i dont need any special film..can you believe it!

karen - yes a very kind, lovely and thoughtful person bought it for me ;-)

Julie said...

Welcome back David!! You have been missed:) Your pictures are stunning...I love the shot of the waterfall.