Sunday, 23 January 2011

spin doctor

def. 'In public relations, spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through providing an interpretation of an event or campaign to persuade public opinion in favor or against a certain organization or public figure. While traditional public relations may also rely on creative presentation of the facts, "spin" often, though not always, implies disingenuous, deceptive and/or highly manipulative tactics.[1]'

for me and fellow endurance runners i believe the ability to be highly skilled at the art of spin doctoring is a total necessity. now boys and girls, dont get me wrong, i'm not talking here about deceiving our fellow beings, or being in any way disingenuous about our achievements. what i am refering to here is how we spin things to ourselves that helps uphold all things positive and blocks out any negative thinking. in fact becoming a highly tuned practioner in the psychology of spin doctoring to oneself might be the difference between success and failure..a bit like my previous post of glass half empty or glass half full

feeling grumpy? keep smiling and soon you'll feel loads better. going through a bad patch on your run? think happy positive stuff and soon you'll be flying once again.

take my january for example. it should have been 50+ mileage weeks with long runs of 20+ as the start of my 2011 campaign build up. with a daft fall and a resulting injured tendon i've ended up with at best a 3m daily hobble. that might have sent my head spinning (in a dizzy way) a few years ago and seen me heading to make a sharp exit from whatever plans that lay ahead. but this time im only looking at what i've gained rather than what i've lost
- i've felt better and run (ok hobbled) better with every little 3 miler i've done and ive managed to run strongly the ups (it was the downs that were tricky)
- i've made a conscious effort, sometimes (not everytime) through gritted teeth to go swimming and go to the gym to get my upper body and core into a decent state so they can take on their fair share of the work rather than leaving it all to my legs
- i've totally stopped drinking this month and eaten better and so far have shed a full 1/2 stone (a bit more to go yet mind)
- and as of yesterday my training is on its way up..a whopping 7, yes 7!, miles. can you believe it!! and today i hit double figures with a lovely run around here..

so, a month lost or a month gained? i let you make your own minds up about that..though no gold fish this time on offer the correct answer

hopefully i'll be able to continue upwards from here, build up the strenth in my knee area and replan my next few months training and events..all will be revealed (not that there's anything that exciting to be anticipating mind!). a steady week ahead of gently undulating runs (mike honeys orders) and then hopefully back to full training.

the mountains are calling. i can't hold out much longer.

so fellow bloggers and ultra diehards..keep spin doctoring your heads!

ps i don't think dogs need to use any such dark arts ;-)


Ali said...

Great post - it is very easy to get hung up on doing long runs and weekly mileages. Doing a few weeks of enforced lighter training here and there certainly isn't going to make the difference between finishing and not finishing an ultra, and I expect won't make much of a difference to times seeing as there are so many other things that can go right or wrong on the day. But getting a serious injury by trying to do to much too soon will. Anyway, I'm off now to post my job application.

GaryB said...

Obviously injury is never a good thing but how you cope with it and how you rehabilitate yourself says alot about the person and i think you are dong all the right things to see a early and successful return to full training. I find that Daily reavaluation of the existing injury to establish where i am in my rehab and if i need to do anything extra/different to help the healing process really helps me stay positive and feel i am in control of all things to do with my return to running. Hope things keep going in the right direction and you back in the hills soon :0)

4 Winds said...

As I'm sure you know, most of it is between your ears!

Hayfella said...

Great post uc. Good to see you being so positive about it and look forward to having a hobble with you up here when you're ready.

kate said...

can you be my coach? i really wish i was as good at 'spinning' as you. stick with it, better to be slightly off for longer than total break ...wish i could take my own advice ;)
you've got such a good level of endurance built up that a few easy weeks is only going to leave fresh and hungry! take care buddy and give charlie a ruffle behind the ears from me.

sbrt said...

Ahh! Now I know why people go to spin classes, at their local Gymnasiums and health clubs.

Good stuff UC

Johann said...

Good post! I'm getting better and better at spinning. Sometimes it takes a setback to help us grow a bit more. Glad your running is picking up so well.

Nick said...

I love your positivity and strong mental attitude Dave, especially laying off the juice, eating more healthily and getting alternative exercise when it would be so easy to wallow in self pitty and do the exact opposite. Keep it up. You'll come back lean, mean, strong and raring to go.

ultra collie said...

ali - i hope you're right!
gary - like your approach..very positive
4winds - there's nowt between mine
hf - we'll get a date soon
kate - charlie wags his tail back
sbrt - i thought they were all training to be politicians
johann - yes triumph from adversity
nick - i'll be able to keep up with you (for 25 metres!)

Julie said...

Hi David,
:) I need to use your advice about the thinking positive and seeing things in a better light. I have been on a bit of a slump but need to change my attitude a bit. I think I just got the kick in the butt that I needed....thanks:)

I am sending you tons of well wishes and positive vibes! Hoping that your training goes well and that you will keep a happy smile on your face! Tell Charlie I said hi:) Take care!

kate said...

how's it going?