Saturday, 12 March 2011

OK so i could swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

having a glass half full, sunny side up kind of disposition i didn't like to mention in my last post the uncomfortable feeling i was getting from my right knee up into my quad as i was completing that first interval session for ages
the next day i didn't run, i hobbled and back to mike honey my physio i went
'too much too soon' he said. the problem lies with my knee tendon and its connection to my quad. my fast twitch muscles weren't firing properly apparently so all hell broke lose in my that region . back to weekly physio, a strengthening exercise (which does quite plainly show the difference between both legs) and no quick stuff for now, which is a bugger as i really quite like the variety and it was there to jettison me into some shorter fell races.
ok thats my new plan quickly derailed but hey much worse things and i'm already back running at my previous dreamy pace
but i'll be back soon i that order...i'm too young to be a permanent hobbler,i really am.


Clodhopper said...

It's a bummer the injury thing isn't it. Hopefully I'm just coming out of my leg problems but it's so frustrating while it's holding you back.
Hope your sorted soon.


GaryB said...

Speed work has been my down fall for a few years now. Its bloody frustrating when you know you have the speed but just can't train to bring it out.
Good to see your able to keep training though :0)

kate said...

phew! sounds like you caught the niggle just in time. keep up the stretching/strength work and you'll be back to playing speedy gonzales in no time. might you be tempted by the wincle trout race in june?

Johann said...

Hope this is just a minor setback. Luckily I'm so slow injuries don't stand a chance.

ultra collie said...

thanks everyone..quick update as im not blogging about negative stuff..knee still bad so decided to STOP running altogether. its day 4 of a runless week and its improving as we speak. fingers crossed it wont be too much longer before i can done the running shoes again

sbrt said...

Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Will Meredith said...

Good luck with that UC. There's always something isn't there. Is your physio any good?