Saturday, 19 March 2011

sliding doors

TURN LEFTfriday..after a really demanding week at work we drive up to the horse and farrier in threlkeld. enjoy good food and jennings ale the ldwa 4 lakeland passes event with pooch. perfect spring day. hardly a cloud in the sky. love it! this is where i want to be. back to threlkeld for a repeat of friday night
sunday..drop down to south lakes for a cracking run with hayfella. a new route for me with a long time friend. babbling brooks and new born lambs abound

TURN RIGHT running running running

so you've guessed. im on the sidelines good and proper. not one yard run since last sunday. physio's orders..a conclusion i'd got to too. i've done the 'i'm not really injured' denial bit (this started early january). i've done the *&%$ angry part. i'm now hopefully moving into acceptance and looking forward to recovery with prescribed stretches, ice, physio and cross training.

while all this is going on i hope everyone is enjoying running in the beautifully brighter days we're getting and any events you're doing.

we'll be back. and one of the first things we're gonna do is pop up to the lakes and do the weekend we've missed out on

keep smiling folks!


Ali said...

The mountains and passes will always be there - we just need to make sure that we keep ourselves fit enough to enjoy them for as long as we possibly can. I remember you gave me some plain and simple advice when I was worrying about my first ultra (you maybe got the reference in the title of my blog) and that helped enormously. When it comes to injuries I guess the plain and simple advice is: take it easy until it stops hurting, then start slowly.

Dorian Grey said...

Hopefully it will be a long beautiful summer and you will in a month or two be out there on the hills enjoying it with us all :) In the mean time dont stop with the stretching, icing, etc and you will come back fine.

kate said...

i think i've been lost in a similar area too. the right hand corridor is actually quite short, particularly if you take the directions of a good physio (i didn't ;)

hang in there buddy.

4 Winds said...

You'll be right as rain in no time. Take it easy, though.


sbrt said...

I feel for you UC.
( insert your favourite words of encouragement, cliche, or metaphor here)

Get well soon mate.

Hayfella said...

Smart move uc. The weather here on sunday was atrocious! Low cloud, driving drizzle. Sod-all visibility. Also, one section of our route was ankle deep in freshly spread muck! Best thing to do on such a day is stretching, icing and resting. All the best for a speedy recovery.

PS. The word verification for this comment is 'canter' Oh the irony.

ultra collie said...

ali..i'll take your advice this time hoping a week or two..please!

kate..i remember

paul/sbrt.cheers :)

hf..i'd have run in whatever was thrown at me..honest..another time

Stu Stod said...

Only just caught up on your blog.
Bad luck and it must be so frustrating for you. Take it easy and don't rush it, like Ali says -
the tops and valleys aint going anywhere.
Stay positive