Wednesday, 4 March 2009

dusk to dawn (agli antipodi)

last night as the light was fading fast there i was in the driving rain and gale-like winds battling round our waterlogged, filthy track doing an 800m rep session. it wasn't pretty and it wasn't easy but with gritted teeth i fought my way through to come out the other end feeling a sense of real satisfaction.
so i was amazed this morning when we left the house at 5.30am to find a cool calmness had enveloped the land. everything was so still, a clear sky and a crisp chill in the air. what amazed me even more was how quickly my legs wanted to run, as though they'd been sprung like a coil after last nights speed episode. so off we went for a 7mile clip round the lake and it felt amazing.

one thing that's dawned on me recently after watching charlie more is that every run he does is best described as a fartlek. this morning his arse was on fire along the shore of the lake chasing shadows, smells, maybe even squirrels. but it made me realise just how much energy the boy has to be forever going from a steady trot to all out sprinting time and time again, especially over the long distances we cover.


mialena said...

It's unfair isn't it - those two extra legs make such a huge difference :)


Arse on fire? - good job the lake was handy!

Hayfella said...

800m reps in lashing rain? Damn your willpower! I'm off to do 7x 400 now. Hope the snow holds off

kate said...

maybe i'll start running to work again...thanks for the motivation :)

Jay said...

Hiya, saw your article in Runner's world and thought i'd take a peek at the blog.

I've got a 3 year old collie cross lurcher (half collie/greyhound) and she's got bags of energy, you've inspired me to think that maybe she and i can strike up a similer partnership with running as you have with Charlie.

Any pointers for starting off?

I'm a beginner and she's got bags of enthusiasm...hehe!

ultra collie said...

hi jay
with that breeding i bet she's a real bounder!
i guess it all depends on what goals you have as to what you do.
whatever it is id say just build up steadily, do as much off road as possible, make sure shes fed/watered well..and just go and enjoy yourselves!
if theres anything specific i can help with just ask and i'll try my best