Friday, 20 March 2009

the russians are coming!

its amazing what you sometimes come across when youre least expecting it!

this morning as usual me and the pooch headed out at 5.30am (no headtorch required..yipee!) and over to bosley cloud. it was a lovely morning and as usual we had the run to ourselves......well almost

that was until we came within sight of the trig point to see some sort of aerial right next to it sticking up about 12feet into the sky. the closer we got we could see it tethered by 4 guide was some piece of kit whatever it was!

then, as we approached the trig at around 6am, there sat next to it was a little man..kitted out in all sorts of headphones and other radio paraphanaelia (spelling?). i wondered what on earth he was up to? listening to aliens? talking with bin laden? monitoring the russians? should i ask him? i said a cheery 'morning' to which he seemed to just mumble something incomprehensible back. maybe he was a spy. maybe he thought i was on 'the other side'. so without wishing to further interupt whatever it was he was eavesdropping on he headed on our way back home.

i wonder if he thought we were a little odd also?


mialena said...

All non-runners think runners are odd. Especially at 6 am!

Hayfella said...

Seems a strange place to be plotting the overthrow of western civilisation, but you never know!Maybe he was broadcasting the dawn chorus for 'Up Country' on Radio4? And how long had he been there? I think curiosity might have got the better of me and I'd've asked. But then he might've had to kill me!