Tuesday, 3 March 2009

easy (morning light)

one of my best mates who also knows a thing or two about running always says ' if it was easy, everyone would be doing it'. it's not, so that's why i guess not everyone is doing it. and why i guess it sometimes feels like bloody hard work.

so today as me and the pooch set out for our early morning run we did this particular route clockwise. this way being we climb a mile at both ends of the run (so its the harder way round) rather than descending at the start and finish (easier). the significance is simply that this is the first time this year we've gone that way round. i felt i needed a bigger challenge at 5.45am in the morning right from the start. and it went ok.

as the weeks are progressing so too is the morning light. at 6.20am i was able to switch off my head torch..

...light mornings are coming our way and with them a whole host of optimism...and a feeling of being on top of the world


kate said...

another positive post-yay! i'm already looking forward to summer night rides :)


Hey CD - You don't always have to make things harder
- you do plenty of time on your feet. Main thing is search for that 'high' either whilst you're on the run - you know that oxygen rush - or after the run when you know it's in the bag. Whenever you run try and get high!

Run Like a Girl 2009 said...

Hiya DD, glad to see you and Charlie are still up for all the running again this year - hopefully see you at Wuthering Hike. Can I link your blog to runfurther blog page please - it is ace.

ultra collie said...

kate - summer nights..i'm usually tucked up in bed after 4.30am starts

ptr - high as a kite yeah?!

rlag2009 - woo woo - great to see you up and running again. i still remember you running into the distance at the hp40! by all means link it to runfurther. see you hobbling.

mialena said...

That's a gorgeous picture, is it from your morning run?

I've translated myself for Charlie now btw :)