Monday, 23 March 2009

where borders meet (saturday 0630)

this coming saturday we have our second outing of the year - the kipling kaper. now with it being my local event, there should be no excuse for taking a wrong turn (or two) but with the memory of the hobble still lingering i felt i couldn't chance not knowing every single bit of the 28m route inside out. from memory there was one small section that had some vagueness in my mind, so off set early doors on saturday to put that right.

a simple run across the moor from the cat and fiddle over to three shires head - where the shires of cheshire, derbyshire and staffordshire all meet.

simple yet beautiful.
nobody around except from a few wild grouse and some hardy moorland sheep.

it was the kind of run, albeit brief, that makes you glad you're a runner and can run. perfect


mialena said...

I'm really glad I live in London. Not a trail or animal in sight.
Aargh! I need to get out of here!

kate said...

i take it you didn't lost then ;)

ultra collie said...

i was only lost in my own little world that morning :)