Friday, 20 November 2009

cracking plan lad

one big goal. one big adventure. inspired by nothing more than sheer lunacy, eternal optimism and an undying love of the north of england, we're heading off in 2010 to run wainwrights coast to coast route.

191+ miles with a few ups and a few downs (at least 24000ft i believe), to be completed hopefully in 7 days from 12-18th June.

Charlie is charged with leading the way and we'll be accompanied by two workmates, Richard and Guy.

A challenge it will no doubt be, seeing us stopping off in the following places and staying in some fine hand picked hostelries to refuel and rehydrate

day 1 rosthwaite 28m
day 2 bampton 59m
day 3 kirby stephen 83m
day 4 reeth 106m
day 5 osmotherley 141m
day 6 glaisdale 170m
day 7 robin hoods bay 191m

so whilst this is our big fun event, myself and the pooch have a few training event outings planned too..all for the fun of it not the time

jan that's lyth cumbria 24m
feb c2c day 2 recce
mar howarth hobble yorkshire 32m
apr highland fling scotland 53m
may cateran trail scotland 55m
june the 'big push' 191+m

i genuinely feel excited once again about everything and its translating through into a new found enthusiasm to run and train.

already im at the end of week two and on track in the training plan, and although there's a long way to go and a few hellishly high mileage weeks next year to get through, i really believe its totally doable

only 29 weeks to go guys! when you put it down on paper it's not that long! (yikes :-0 )


Runningbear said...

Wow. That's a plan and a half. I feel like one big lazy wuss planning for VLM. Is great to feel the buzzy vibe in your blog... happy planning. RB.

Hayfella said...

I feel inadequate

RunnerinLV said...

Frickin nuts...wish i could do it. Someday, I will make it make it past the marathon distance...


Cracking plan lad - we'll need to discuss over post Mac Forest beers.

kate said...


2010 is going to be brilliant, i know it :)

Andrew said...

YOUR BACK (With a big shout) great news, i'm looking forward to reading about the training and races. ENJOY.

ultra collie said...

rb - yeah, come on , get off your backside and get some running done ;)

hf - i'm starting to feel that way too !

rlv - sure when you get home you'll have the time to run further

ptr - cracking plan lad. macc forest folllowed by st dunstan it is!

kate - lets keep it real ;)

andrew - cheers. looking forward to seeing jasper at his first one hopefuly

sbrt said...

Good to hear you and Charlie have found your running mojo again

ultra collie said...

thanks stephen
how are you and billy doing? are you guys getting out and about and enjoying life?

sbrt said...

Good thanks

We moved house recently which has been 'interesting' but well worth it. A good park and new footpaths for Billy and I to explore.

The Edale round of the Dark and White mini m.m.series, went well and i am looking forward to round 2 from Hayfield.

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Great challenge you have planned there. I'd love to do that one day!

I'd better come up with something decent for 2010 in the presence of such ambitions.

Lets make 2010 the year of great challenges.