Sunday, 1 November 2009

a cunning plan (or was it)

prior to heading off to the lakes for mrs uc's birthday celebration this weekend i thought i had my 2010 plan signed , sealed and waiting delivery. having been to, and come back from , the lakes i'm not so sure about that plan.

the original draft 2010 plan was to consist of periodisation, as mentioned in a previous post, taking me back on the road for a while to get my speed up.

so whats happened?

up in langdale i was faced with a simple option. run the langdale half road route or potter off across the trails and fells on a route unknown to me.

it was a no brainer.

there was no debate. no interrogation. no tossing of coins.

and once i'd finished my run, my feelings totally vindicated my decision.

by now i'm sure you'll know my choice was the latter. favouring my joy of off road running for the 13 miles of tarmac slapping.

and what a lovely run it was. armed with just a route outline (no map) and a bottle of water i headed off on this 9.5m/1500ft route with gay abandon (at 3 something pm , not realising how quickly the light can dissapear these days!)

anyway, this simple trail / low level fell route took me from chapel stile to elterwater to little langdale, over to castle howe, across the bog to blea tarn, down to old dungeon ghyll and back to chapel stile.

even without a map it was relatively straightforward to follow in my head ie keep going clockiwise and you cant go wrong. only once did i stop to ask for reassurance that an out of sight tarn was where i thought it should be.

it was one of those great moody lake district days with dark clouds hovering around the tops, patches of drizzle, and ok visibility on the lower fells. some people might describe that as miserable, to me it something altogether different and inviting.

by 1630 the light was fading quickly and although i only had two miles to go, the route wanted to take me higher up the fell. with no fact with no anything i thought the better of this and decided to drop down to the valley track then the road back into chapel stile.

so ok this was a tiddly 9.5m trail/ lower fell route but...
a. it went a little way to restoring my navigational capbilities, but moreso my confidence
b. i really really enjoyed, in fact i loved it!
c. i like making spur of the moment decisions judging by how i feel
d. i also like a lack of pressure in my running
e. bugger! its made me reasses my 2010 fact my whole plan from here on in..

do i mainly stick to off road? do i mix it up? short, medium or long? race or dont race? any number of combinations here which i'll try and decide on during the coming days and weeks

so much for my cunning plan eh

lets call it 'decisive indecision' for now


Simon said...

Looks a great run in the Lakes. Decent photos too, very atmospheric.

kate said...

aaarrrhh! i don't know either! i think i've decided that i'm going to concentrate on just one race. it's 'only' 33 weeks away. which means after that, back to not knowing and just ambling about the fells. but as you well know, this could change but the time i go to bed this evening ;)

hope this helps!!

ultra collie said...

thanks simon. just from my mobile so you're being kind..but yes..dead atmospheric..just the way i like it there

kate - which race. tell tell.
my new plan's coming's great ;)

RunnerinLV said...

Didn't you leave me a comment to effect of 'damn them and what they think to hell'?
It's ok to have goals, but you can't forget that running is fun...or it was when we were kids. Right?
Just remember when you build your plan, you build in unscheduled 'rest' days, or at least I do. Using that logic, schedule 'fun runs' and go to the places you want to.
Beautiful views, btw

Hayfella said...

Good to have you back from the Dark (Tarmac) Side! Trust the Lakes to do that, eh!
Here's a plan: Make 2010 the year of no plan! No schedule. No regime. Just run 'cos it's what you do.

ultra collie said...

runnerinlv..yes youre very right

hf - youre very right too, but its too late the horse has bolted. i just need to ensure the journey and fun is what i get my kicks out of...not the destination

mialena said...

A half on the road, you? Naah.

Whatever you decide, just remember to be flexible as well - there's always room for some exceptions to any rule! Specifically and importantly - don't plan too much and lose the fun...!

Andrew said...

glad to see your back enjoying, what's the next event for charlie and you?

ultra collie said...

mialena - you're dead right too re the fun. but i am doing a road half end november. really!

andrew - thanks. nothing now for 2009 but 2010 'fun' runs nearly decided on.

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Tough Call! I find it hard to stick to one target as well. I want to run off-road and long, but also want to run a fast 10k each summer :¬S

Could you settle for speedwork and/or tempo on roads and use the offroads for easy or long runs?

ultra collie said...

DE - you're spot on. this year 2010 im going to make sure i keep up tempo and speed sessions so i dont just keep getting slower and slower

flanker said...

Sounds like the Lakeland 50/100 in August is right up your street...