Monday, 9 November 2009

racing freddie

we're getting closer to finalising our plans for 2010
our lay off from events has allowed me to get back to enjoying my runs, when i want to do them and where i feel like going...and with whom
my lunchtime runs are coming back in more and im enjoying my harder sessions of track, tempo and kenyan hills
but going with the wind has been me recently
take this weekend..what to do? langley 7? the roaches race? no to both..a good threshold session saturday then a lovely muddy 4m xc on sunday
but wait, there was more..why not go out for seconds and accompany mrs uc on her hack out on 'the fredster'..a lovely way to spend another hour and race him up the ascents!

well, as well i knew, i was no match as he trotted with ease up said hills. i did my best. hitting somewhere between full out and kenyan hill efforts. a great hill interval workout. on the cuff and a smile on all our faces.
we're coming back. you'd better believe it.


kate said...

just a thought!!!!

Andrew said...

man v horse, an event on my list for 2010. How is charlie with your horse's? Jasper is a nightmare.

ultra collie said...

thanks kate!

andrew - hes fine as he lives with them. but this was a charlie-less outing as i cant vouch for his health and safety awareness1!