Wednesday, 7 January 2009

can dogs see in the dark?

this morning me and charlie had one of our frequent early morning outings at 5.30am.
it was (obviously) pitch dark, apart from the illumination from my head torch, with a crisp white underfooting.
watching charlie hurtling along in the distance (he has a small flashing disco collar so i can keep an eye on him) through the trees, leaping across ditches it suddenly occured to me 'can he see in the dark?'. why i've only just thought of that i'm not sure but now i have i should try to find out!
(sorry no picture today...i took a couple but my computer's playing up uploading them)


Anonymous said...

A question I asked myself when my boy went for a drink earlier this evening!

Just read your story in Runner's World, although I had discovered your blog a couple of days ago. It's a lovely tale and one that is similar to that of mine and Harvey's... though our journey has just begun.

I have also just got myself a new running partner, also a rescue dog - a collie cross called Harvey. He loves running, and has managed a 10 mile trail run so far. I'm a runner myself and completed the full West Highland Way race last year, so the boys got some serious running to do!

Harvey has a couple of questions for Charlie...

1) How much food (weight) do you eat per day and how often does your owner feed you each day?

2) Do you really need to take Glucosamine tablets?

Hope you don't mind.


PS you can see Harvey's tales on my blog at...

kate said...

my mum's dog is scared of the dark (and log fires) he is a rubbish city dog!

ultra collie said...

pacepusher by name, pacepusher by times! nice to hear from you. Harvey looks ace! he will have to be on form to keep up with your times, but then at least he'll be out for less time - swings and roundabouts i guess.

charlie says..

1 in the morning i get all the kids bread leftovers then at night i get several scoops of james wellbeloved but not sure of weight.
before a long run i get a small portion just before we set out, and eat on the way (flapjack), then eat when i finish (treat first..pork pie/fish n chips then bigger portion of my dryfood). i tend to get fed more / less by how i look / my vitality etc so it does vary. on sundays i get a proper roast dinner with all the trimmings

2 i'm susceptible to a bit of stiffness and it seems to help. also on anything long eg 5hrs+ i'm given an inti-arthritic pill to ensure i dont seize up.

hope that helps harvey. see you around hopefully.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Charlie!