Friday, 23 January 2009

Whiteout (mi piace correre)

i'm now starting to have the realization that the more i run the more i love it and the more i find some aspect of each and every run to love that maybe i'd never thought about before.
last night after work me and charlie did a nice clip round rudyard lake in the dark. it was unusual as we dont usually run at night, but something was calling me and i felt compelled to do it. and so we got a reward of running on a still dark night which i found different to running in the early dark hours of the morning.
this morning we were out again, 5.30am, pitch black, snow and sleet hurtling down from the skies above. we could have just stayed in bed but i had it in my head to get one more run in before our trip to the lakes on sunday for our first proper outing of the year. we've run in such conditions many times, perhaps begrudgingly, but this morning i just so enjoyed it for what it was...a run in a cold, dark, blizzard. the light from my headtorch simply lit up the snow and sleet pounding our way giving a feeling of running in a void, with no visibilty beyond a foot or two in front of me. and i loved it! there was no way of referencing our progress other than to know that we were making progress with each step we took (and luckily were on a very familiar route). maybe ive felt this before, but today it was very much in my conscience, feeling what was happening rather than simply running through it without thought.
we're, or should i say 'i'm', firmly back on track. last friday i met up with my long time running friends steve, steve, and steve. we were all feeling a bit of new year rust so off we popped to the track for a hard explosive session. it worked! since then i can feel a momentum and fluidity returning to my running. and with it sheer enjoyment.


kate said...

you're in the zone! such a well written post-it's made me put my trainers on and get out there. thank you :)

Hayfella said...

Couldn't agree more with you Kate. Great post DD. Wish I had your positive attitude to sleet. But, yippee, it's sunny here. I'm off out.

ultra collie said...

enjoy your runs!

steve zodiac said...

Did you nick one of our copywriters CD? Very nice! If you ever need an
Art Director;)

This Steve wasn't running that day, merely observing. You did look like you were enjoying it, I have to say.

Mickeldo said...

I have just read the article in the latest Runners mag. You say you are feeding Charlie glucosamine tablets. Are these from the "pet shop" or are they the "humane" type which tend to be a lot cheaper.

ultra collie said...

hi mickeldo - the stuff i use is called joint aid. it comes in granules and is mixed with charlies feed. it's not cheap at all but it seems to do the trick. like human stuff some is better than others, so i take the view that i may as well buy stuff that works/is proven than cheaper stuff that may not. guess there's a lot of 'belief' needed in this whole area.