Tuesday, 20 January 2009

the definitive 2009 list

6 ultras (all with charlie), 4 at or near marathon distance (3 with charlie), and 5 shorter fell races (some with charlie)

jan that's lyth 24m
mar howarth hobble 32m
mar kipling kaper 28m
april highland fling 53m
may bolly 3 peaks 5.4m
may rainow 5
may goyts moss 7m
june wharfedale marathon 25m
july osmotherley phoenix 33m
july shining tor 5.9m
aug lakeland 50
sept high peak 40
oct windgather 13.5m
oct snowdon marathon 26.2m
nov 6 dales 25m

that should be enough.some familiar races and a few new ones.


kate said...

that's plenty but i bet you add at least one more! i like the new look btw

steve zodiac said...

Nice list CD, I'm doing Snowdon and Osmotherley, probably do Shining Tor also. I need to get a target for the next couple of months - not thought about it yet. I'm sure I'll end up doing some Welsh hill races with the new club and all.

steve zodiac said...

Also like the new look (better than that 'gay disco' look you had going!
(Let the slagging begin!)

lunaman said...

and I'm going to spend the year running around the same ole' flat swampy meadow by the Thames.

Do you think really think you could make me jealous of all those lovely juicy ultras, do you . . . do you?