Monday, 5 January 2009

zen and the art of monk-like living

that's it! all the festivities over.
i tried as much as possible (which wasnt much) to get some balance between wine/beer/snacks and running so i could enter the new year with minimal excess baggage. i failed, but not as badly as previous years.
charlie on the other hand only excessed on turkey, bacon and sausages (oh and a roast beef dinner last night) so he's ready to race.
anyway we got out quite a lot, the highlight being a 20mile trot out over the roaches area and a very peaceful early morning saunter round macc forest.
so now its back to living like a beer/wine or snacks for the next 6 weeks or so.
we're tempted to do the ultra running series grand slam ie 12 races. we'll see.
next stop 'that's lyth' up in the lakes on 25th jan. our first test to gauge our fitness levels and enjoy inspiring views along the way.


ruthndylan said...

Hi have just read your runners world article and found it fascinating. I run with my black Labrador who is now 6 and he is a fantastic running companion. We started when he was about 9 months,(off lead). I bought a Husky harness to use so I can run hands free, which has made it more comfortable when he has to be on the lead. I shall give the flapjacks a go as he does get tired so I haven't tried running any further than 8 miles with him. It so nice that Charlie has settled to a happy life after a bad start! Happy running for 2009!

kate said...

sounds like you got the balance right!
hope to see you at a few of the ultras, well i hope to follow you that is ;)

Gill said...

Hi Dave! Likewise I've just read your Runner's World article and felt compelled to write to say you're both inspirational. I run with my 2-year old collie - Rafa (I'm a Liverpool fan) - around the Brecon Beacons where we live. I tend to run between 5 and 10 miles with her at a time and some people have told me it's cruel. But she loves it and it seems to have given her a purpose in life and has calmed her down - she was wild when we had her. Now I've read about Charlie I'm tempted to be a bit more adventurous. So thankyou both and good luck!

jumbly said...

That's such a great photo of Charlie. Glad you had a good Christmas, happy running for 2009.

ultra collie said...

Thanks very much for all your lovely comments

ruthndylan - hope the flapjack works! and thanks for the idea of the harness. i've been thinking about one..only worried charlie will end up pulling me over coming off a mountain!

kate - with all your activity i think i'll be chasing you guys!

gill - shame about your choice of football team! isn't there a 21mile race in bb early march? think i might try and give it a go. its amazing how ignorant people can be...collies are meant to be working most of them doing 20 miles or more is a piece of cake, so long as you feed them en route. maybe see you around.

jumbly - happy new year to you too! do you ever run or are you a bike-nut!

kate said...

no, i'll be following you-particularly during the navigationally challenging bits ;)

ultra collie said...

that accounts as following 'online weirdos' kate? it's becoming a habit!

jumbly said...

ultracollie - yep I run, not ultra distances yet, did my first fell race in November, more planned for this year.

steve zodiac said...

Gill, I'm a mate of Dave's and also run with a little pooch 'Dot' She's a jack russel and has shorter legs than even a jack russel! She ran 17 miles with me on a training run last summer at the end of which she got in a fight with a pit-bull terrier and lived to tell the tail! (just about!), there again she is an Everton dog!

Sarah Ridgway said...

Hi - absolutely love this photo of Charlie. My dear departed Kelpie back in Australia was named Charlie - a true gem. Running with dogs always makes you happy - they truely love it!