Sunday, 16 August 2009

bless me father....

after all my big and mighty ideas in my last post i've had a change of mind.

i have to confess that 09 will not go down as one of my better running years (which only started a wee while ago). i've gone wrong with navigation several times, i've felt like a bag of sick, and to be bruttaly honest i'm struggling to find any real highlights!

BUT...i'm not down. NO! i'm even more determined to put in something memorable (just like jessica ennis is doing right now but perhaps not so grand or newsworthy).

SO...there's no point in diluting everything, whats needed is a single goal and a single focus. and i've chosen snowdon marathon to be just that. i'll be sticking even more closely to hal's schedule (adding in more hill sessions though and some cross training) and aiming to shed some pounds along the way.

i started with my renewed focus today. me and charlie out for a 'steady into tempo' paced run with a good hill finish. perfect.

i feel back in control and hopefully abolished of all my lack of focus.


Runningbear said...

Yay! Sounds good UC, am inspired by your rousing words.
I'm finding a big event to focus on quite fun - a bit of a project. Good luck with the training plan, I'm looking forward to reading about your progress. RB

kate said...

you are forgiven!

all those other races were rubbish anyway ;) i think you're right to go back to basics and it sounds like your mojo is slowly returning.
....might even see you at the rivi half...

Nick said...

.... for I have sinned. ?!? :-)

You do what feels right for you, Dave. Work up for the grand finale at Snowdownia in October. Sorry I won't get to see you and Charlie at the HP40 beforehand.

Had you considered volunteering at an event you were going to run? You can still get some satisfaction without burning yourself out actually doing it. I'm marshalling this year at BSH.

Take care. Nick.

ultra collie said...

rb - i think your approach may have had a slight hand in my decision without me realising it!

kate - hope we do get to say hello this year..rivington is the same day as the hp40 i think

nick - we're following you around 'virtually'. part of my pull back from races this year has been to spend more time with my family but i will help at one of the races next year. i started helping last year at the xmas cracker, my clubs local panto jaunt. you should try it!

Anonymous said...

I think you're right to go back to basics and it sounds like your mojo is slowly returning.
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ultra collie said...

Thanks julie - i'm calling it work in progress

kate said...

i'm no where near fit enough for the hp40, hopefully the rivi half will be in my grasp!

Jhon said...
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