Tuesday, 11 August 2009

from lesley crowther to hal higdon

sunday saw us trotting round the lesley crowther trail. it was great to catch up with hayfella before we set off over what was largely an interesting multi-terrain route with some great views and a fab river crossing. all that said, i had my moments of throwing the towel in forever with thoughts of 'why the **** am i doing this!'. it wasn't helped by having to have 'his nibs' constantly attached to me, which made getting into a good rhythm a tad problematic at times. but moreso, was the water point chaos that ensued when we, an autistic lady petrified of dogs, another dog, and a huge tractor and trailer all converged together. we did the gentlemanly thing and stepped aside to everyone's happiness.
all in all i guess a nice run out, with a rare appearance from mrs urc cheering us in, but way too short for my current slower pacing for longer distances.

so to what's next. i have a number of events but two key ones..the high peak 40 and snowdon marathon. now if i was advising anyone else i'd be saying you cant do both well. you just cant. you cant stick in a 40 miler in the middle of marathon training and then hope to run your best at a marathon a few weeks later (well most of us cant, there are though many super fit runners who can..but i'm not in that league).

to help my chances of doing both as well as i can i have resorted to a trusty programme from the legendary hal higdon himself. i have taken the final 11 weeks of one of his advanced marathon programmes, adapted it slightly to add in a few more longer runs (including the 40) and more hills. and bobs your uncle..

it'll be tough..combining high mileage with quality tempo/hill sessions for the next 6 weeks, ruuning the 40, then recovering quickly enough to put in some quality shorter and quicker sessions ahead of snowdon.

mind you, it'll be easier than last year when we did the 56mile bullock smithy
two weeks before the hp40 then went on to knock 15minutes off my previous time at snowdon a few weeks later.

with a wing and a prayer and hals programme by my side who knows what might happen!


Drunkeneuphoria said...

Sounds a good plan, and similar to what I'll be trying as running Atlantic Coastal challenge in late Sept. Your endurance should be top be notch so just adding the faster bits for the road marathon and ticking over on mileage should work.

kate said...

i have every faith in you ;)

what time are you hoping for hp40?

Hayfella said...

Hal's the man! Good luck with it all

ultra collie said...

thanks everyone!
change of plan..tba!

Anonymous said...

Your endurance should be top be notch so just adding the faster bits for the road marathon and ticking over on mileage should work.
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