Saturday, 22 August 2009

breaking habits

my current plan is taking me back a couple of years to a time when i ran every step of every run. yes, that's right! i actually ran the whole damn lot. there was none of this 'ah, that's a biggish hill so i'm good to walk'. oh no. and that's a challenge right now. particularly as round every corner here you accidentally bump into a hill!

but its more of a mental challenge than physical i think.

running and training for ultras in 08/09 has 'trained' me to run the flat and the downs but walk the ups. nice work if you can get it. now try breaking that habit!
as every time i come to a significant hill my automatic reaction is to stop and walk. it's a habit i must break!

and another thing. 'pushing it'. whats that all about! i've been used to leisurely paced runs based on the premis of energy conservation and enjoying the scenery. that too is taking some re-engineering.

but it's all work in progress and i'm kinda liking it all right now. i can envisage myself as being a 'runner' again at the end of it all. just so long as i break these habits.


Donkarlo said...

Know where you're at I am finding my legs have got used to that steady ultra rythmn and don't like to do much at a good 10K pace at the moment. Good luck I'll let you know if I come up with any useful tips.

Andrew said...

Same here only i find running up hills and flat easier than running down hills,i dislike running down hills

kate said...

eek! there goes any hopes i had of meeting up with you for a 'run' ;)

ultra collie said...

donkarlo - all tips welcome!

andrew - i'm reacquainting my legs with downhill running on roads - ouch!

kate - name your route

kate said...

will check maps/rota :)

Jhon said...
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