Tuesday, 4 August 2009

sunny side up

what a great holiday! probably best summed up by this picture..

it had everything..sun, relaxation, great food, fantastic villa, a spot or two of daily running but most importantly..time spent together without the usual distractions. bliss.
and a special bonus for will to meet FC Porto players in the airport on our way back.

running in the heat was lets say 'interesting'. mostly, i ran early on around 8am when the heat was just right but then i often subjected myself to another at 4pm when it was just something else altogether..but a good experience all the same.

aside from the break, upon reflection this has been a difficult year running-wise so far. i feel i've gradually let both my fitness and shape slip a little.
usually my first half is great then the second i let slip a little. so now's the chance to put this in reverse order and have a cracking 2nd half to the year.
i've already started the reconstruction and know i can come out a fitter, faster, leaner runner than ever before. my sidekick knows this too.
our adventures are starting again. first up the lowther trail run this sunday. instead of racing it i'm just going to enjoy the experience of simply running it with charlie.with a little refreshment, refuelling, and rest to be had here afterwards...well everybody needs a carrot yes?


kate said...

welcome back! sounds like just what you needed :) that pool shot looks like a recipe for dislocated shoulders!

Runningbear said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time and some well earned sun, sea & smiles.
It sounds a good plan for Sunday, we all need to enjoy it or what's the point?
Do you have a new goal you can set your sights on to provide a new focus & a bit of motivation for the coming months?

ultra collie said...

kate..after a few too many vinos yes!

rb - thanks. i'm aiming for pb's at hp40 and snowdon. the training is up and running (no pun intended). but there i go again setting goals to beat! its a disease i reckon.

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Hi URC, glad your getting back into the swing of things. From your list I'll likely see you at Hills and Dales and Sandstone TR.

Anonymous said...

That pool shot looks like a recipe for dislocated shoulders!
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