Friday, 28 August 2009

taking the positives (however small)

the key run in my marathon training programme that i'm using to map my progress is the 9m race pace run. i run it over a route that gives a very similar profile and ascent proportional to snowdon.

currently i'm running it at race pace effort as i'm hoping my actual race pace will improve over the coming weeks.

anyway, today for the same perceived effort i was 2 mins quicker than a week ago. not earth shattering but progress all the same.

later today im off to the north east to take the kids cousins back who've been staying with us. the trip takes me back to some of my old stomping ground as a teenager and so i thought it'd be nice to do my long run from sunderland along the coastline to south shields and back. some great views along the way and the north east coast's salty air.


kate said...

little by little.....enjoy your 'step back in time' run :)

Andrew said...

I think its allways good to visit old stomping grounds. I enojoy running along the coast, although i havent for a long time. Hope you and charlie enjoyed. (youve given me a training idea...)

Runningbear said...

Sounds like some different running scenery will do you the world of good & keeps things fresh and interesting too.
Really good to hear you can track your progress - does wonders for motivation to know the hard work is paying off. Happy running.