Friday, 13 February 2009

alive and kicking

its amazing the effect a few kind words of support from friends can have - thank you. hopefully i've come out of a short-lived dip and rising upwards once again.
so out we went early doors at 5.30 for a little lane trip round the village and cloudside. spirits were bolstered by the fresh crisp air and fairly clear skies...and we were running!! it really felt like a new day had dawned.
folowing that, its sprint hills for lunch then two long outings on saturday and sunday, both across routes with lots of runnable sections.
this morning at work sz was beeming like a cat whos got the cream at his improvements from track work. just goes to show the old addeage my mate kev always says ' to run faster you've got to run faster'.
that's the simplicity of it all i guess.


Hayfella said...

Hi DD,Just caught up with your blog 'cos I'm here just outside Chamonix. (It's -12 with 4ft of snow). Had to let you know I'm thinking of you. Sometimes running kicks you in the nuts, other times it's great. Don't let it get you down. Never compare with last year. That was then. Enjoy the now. Charlie knows. I'm back in Macc on Sun. If you fancy a trot on Mon/Tue, let me know.

ultra collie said...

hayfella, sounds like a good time you'll be having over there. i'm back on track now..did 30+miles this weekend...was going to see if in the next couple of months you fancied a run/walk from ambleside to coniston. its a leg of the lakeland 50 i've got to recce.


30plus kicks my 18 in the butt then!ponce


Ponce? That was the word verification - honest CD!

ultra collie said...

aye sz but over two days - 19 then nearly 12. all tricky. muddy or icey/snow. ideal for ponces.