Thursday, 12 February 2009

soul searching

i've been struggling for a few days to muster the enthusiasm to get out and run. i don't know if its the weather, the pressure at work, just me or what it might be. the run , 'that run', at the weekend was mentally painful and got me wondering whether i wanted to continue all this long stuff or go shorter or even chuck it all in. i seem to be well behind where i was this time last year and i'm lacking overall discipline both in running and dietary terms. i have some big challenges looming that last year brought great excitement and anticipation whereas today they are more filling me with dread and anxiety..but maybe this is just a reflection of a general phase, hopefully short, that i'm currently going through.

charlie is oblivious to all this...or maybe he isn't. maybe we just need to open up some new fresh undiscovered ground to reinvigorate the thing that until right now has brought me so much fun, happiness, vitality, and the chance to see so many inspiring places.


steve zodiac said...

We all have periods like that CD, I've not had a good week. You just have to get over the hill that's in front of you, sometimes the view's not so good, other times it's worth running for.

steve zodiac said...

PS is that the new wife in the slideshow?

ultra collie said...

lol sz!