Thursday, 19 February 2009

come on lad, we've a long way to go!

it's official. me and the pooch will be heading off on our great c2c adventure during the last week of july. all the necesary permissions and pass outs from home have been secured so all we need to do now is a bit of planning and, oh yeah, step up the training a bit more too. now, where's that map and the book of best camra pubs to stay in?

it'll be amazing to run from/through/to what are probably my favourite places - cumbria and yorkshire. and to do it with charlie will be very special and the best company i could wish for along the way.



Hayfella said...

Good on ya! That's what I call blouncing back from a mini-crisis. If you need recceing help etc., just shout. BTW, I'm on for the Ambleside-Coniston recce.

kate said...

excellent news! half the fun is in the planning


Go fella