Sunday, 22 February 2009

up and down

another 21miles yesterday of ups and downs, in topography and emotions. it started on flat muddy and sticky terrain...i could hear hayfella's comments in his last post haunting me. but then as we started to climb so did my feelings..this is what running's all about. we peaked at the roaches trig..

..ran over to and up hen cloud and made our descent into meerbrook and then over to abbey green. then a flat slog back home of 6 miles that felt as long and spirit sapping as the whole 21 itself.
i fell out with charlie a few times too. he seems to be getting worse with other dogs after one attacked him the other week so that didn't help my disposition.
we'll keep going and hopefully turn the corner soon.
its 5.30am, the wind swirling outside and soon time to get amongst it all over again


kate said...

as you said -go with the flow :)
poor charlie, was he injured?

mialena said...

Oh no, what happened to Charlie? Is he (and you!) ok? Maybe he simply senses your feelings about it all and reacts accordingly - bad run = unhappy Charlie?