Wednesday, 18 February 2009

it's like ice station zebra up here lad!

amazing the difference in climate of a few hundred feet. we set off on saturday round the 'up on cloud nine' route which takes in a number of local highspots and lowlands. i had thought the snow and ice had long gone...certainly on the lower lying areas...but was amazed to enter 'another world' when we reached our highest point at the telecom tower hill. snow drifts and ice still aplenty...charlie was in his that was 19miles done and dusted..followed up by 11+ on sunday.

so now we're back to our tried and tested 'sandwich' 08 plan of two long weekend back to back runs with a rest day either side. hence the sandwich. 30 last weekend. 35 next. 40 after that etc. maybe the highland fling in april is starting to feel doable once more.

and in a moment of madness ive deceided that the 190mile coast to coast trip will go ahead in july. so we'd better get planning it all!


kate said...

sounds like a good plan. i'm trying long (ish) runs followed by long (ish)rides as way to avoid injury more than anything.

are you planning on camping for you c2c trip?

ultra collie said...

camping! good god no such thing. the boy charlie is now a celeb and i enjoy my home comforts at night too much. you find us lording it up in the best ale houses known to mankind when we cross the country

kate said...

if that was me then i would end up taking considerably longer ;)


You may have noticed on my blog CD - I've been running a few sections of Offa's Dyke - (180 miles)
Prestatyn - Chepstow. I've been thinking about it for
2010. I have another 'nutter' who fancies it too. We'll see.