Tuesday, 3 February 2009

snow puppy (in memory of charlie 1)

i wondered whether i too should mention 'the snow'. it's everywhere. on the tv. on the radio. in the papers. even on the ground. so it was lovely early this morning to lace up whilst it was still dark and head out for a gentle x-c trot with charlie. the clear sky and the crisp white coating gave some visibilty but my headtorch still helped ensure i didn't twist an ankle. charlie loved the adventure, spending as much time rolling in it as running on it.
it made me cast my mind back to the first collie i had, also called charlie. we got him in the winter and it was snowing then too. i have a lovely photo of him on the fridge entitled 'snow puppy'. he was delightful, my first ever dog and it was with him i really took my first few strides out running. i owe him a lot too.
today i felt his spirit was within us both as we skipped across the white morning landscape


Graceless Whippet said...

What a fitting way to remember your first Charlie! Maybe it's a Border Collie thing but they always look so at home in the snow.

Took my very own Murph out for his constitutional in the snow, but our new addition is still stuck firmly indoors till she's had her shots!

kate said...

...i want a dog...