Thursday, 21 May 2009

to fell and back (in brackets)

only one more day before we leave behind our beautiful peak district and head up to the even more beautiful lakes. this is where we're staying (no stalkers please).

and here is one of the views from the house over to grange fell (nice).

it'll be great to clear the mind of all the crap (work) and spend some proper time with karen and the kids. oh, and not forgetting a few early morning jaunts up, over and down the surrounding fells with charlie boy (perfect).

so it was fitting that last night i ran one of our local fell runs - goyt's moss - just 7m with 1400ft ascent. only i didnt actually race. i got there an hour early and instead of waiting for the start i decided to head off early (what's a boy to do to win these days!). in my very own race of one i came first and last (of which i'm delighted). i pushed fairly hard though not as hard as if i'd actually raced it (though i did feel like the quarry once the race had officially started). and a few people did ask me if i really was in the lead. even simon bailey gave me a double take as i headed towards the finish (just 25mins after the official start). maybe i should use this idea in every race from now on (tee hee)

well that's all folks for now until i return (though hopefuly i may be hooking up with hayfella for an easy bimble on the fells whilst i up there).

why the sudden invasion of brackets i'm just not sure (:))

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

field with a view

today i got a lovely surprise as i went out to feed freddie. as he wandered from his stable to the field he stopped and looked with the most inquisitive look - ears pricked, eyes on stalks, head upright - that is the preserve of equines only. so i trailed my eye to his point of interest. and there they were, our local herd of wild deer, stood in the next field. in turn they had clocked us and all stopped grazing to consider whether we poised a threat or not. after a two minute stare off they had decided that we didnt and continued with their early morning grazing. a sight to behold but not one caught in any great detail on my mobile unfortunately (if you look very carefully you might just spot the odd one).

last night it was 6 x 800m eforts at the track, tonight its hopefully the goyts moss fell race.

it starts at 7.30, a time that is ok if its 'am' for me, but a 7pm start is new territory. we shall see.

Friday, 15 May 2009

the run to work ( a vida é boa )

last night i sat watching the footie texting my mate, dave mcglone, who was at the game. i got so enthralled by the whole occasion that this mornings run took a back seat in my mind as i worked my way through the best part of a bottle of wine (black stump). on realising it would be an early start this morning i quickly tried to rehydrate before bed with a mug of tea and a glass of water.

fast forward to 4.30 this morning and i could feel the toll my over zealous intake had taken. i quickly thought about the feasibilty of still running todays 17miles into work and decided to carry on regardless though i thought id run easy as opposed to the 'steady' pace i was originally intending.

so after a glass of berroca, a mug of tea and two slices of jammy toast i was out of the door at 0530 (charlieless).

i wouldn't describe the weather as springlike but as usual i took the attitude of why worry about something you cant change!

the route is road up to 'cloudside' where roger and simon bailey have their sheep farm (they do look after them exceedingly well). from here visibilty across the peaks was poor and the rain was thumping down vertically. it was all quite refreshing.
then its down to the canal and a long haul right along to bollington where you hit the road a little followed by some cross country to where i work at bonis hall.
although i intended to take it easy i actually found myself automatically moving into a steady effort and despite all the previous nights imbibing i felt pretty ok. 17miles in 2.43 and feeling fresh at the end. i'm happy with that.

what i particularly enjoyed was my meandering mind. i thought about how happy i was at home and how much i loved karen hollie and will. i worked through what might happen financially if at work the redundancy bottle pointed at me when it stopped spinning and realised we wouldn't have to live in a shoebox on a diet of puddle water and gravel. and i thought about how much i loved having the ability to just run in to work, getting thoroughly rained on and enjoying every minute. it set me up for great karma, not to mention a hearty breakfast at work.

tomorrow, i'm helping karen with her horse, freddie, go cross country. literally. she rides the cross country course and the jumps and i run after them. as he's still a young and green horse she kinda likes the security my presence gives her. it's just a bugger when he moves up a gear out of trot... i'm done for!

happy days :)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

here's a thought

i thought it would be an idea to post on a weekly basis what i've been up to training wise. so here it is...on the right over there..on an app (digital term). no secret training here ;). it'll make sure i continue to do what i intend to. that, or put me to shame if it's ever threadbare.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

back on track

one of the things, among many, that i love about running is variety. you can go fast, you can go slow. up. or down. road or grass. track or trail. i think you get my drift. the options are endless. its whatever takes your mood. and it gives you such freedom and accessibility to the world around you and beyond.

but today, there would be no high scapes or ridge running. no today it was back to the track to sharpen me up for the wharfedale marathon in june. its funny as i've just read hayfellas latest post and he was i a similar state of mind too by the sounds of it.

so todays effort was fast on the track. well not 'running bear' type fast but compared to my recent 53miler this was me at my speedy gonzalez best. 8 x 200's x 2.

running on my own takes away any pressure and allowed me to just think about what i was doing. and the exhiloration of running faster is great soul food. i need to have it more.

it also gave me time to escape from what has been a difficult time at work this week..having to let some people, really good people, go as the recession takes a bit of a hold. its peoples lives that get messed with and that's not good. i'm working on the assumption that one day it will be my turn. when it happens i will walk away from this highly stressful industry and go to my plan in the lakes i hope. and whatever happens it doesnt matter as i'll still have the important things in life - karen, hollie, will and ,of course, charlie and perhaps even a bit more time for... a spot more running

Friday, 8 May 2009

Tempo training for Charlie

well its been nearly a whole two weeks since the fling so that means we've got 50 weeks more training before next years event. better put a plan together!

actually i've felt really good both physically and mentally since the race. although it was tough going at times it appears to have had a totally uplifting effect on me. i've been running well and enjoying it.

its also made me more determined to get into real good shape. so i've upped my cross training with a bit of swimming, some weights and..wait for it..a bit of cycling (can i join your club kate? can i?). i even bought a new bike!

nothing like you hardcore biking dudes ride on though. a simple hybrid for trails, track and roads. it gives me an occasional change to running (but i way prefer running) and really importantly a chance to put Charlie through a proper threshold session which i can't do running as i'm too slow for his speediness. so win win.

next up a couple of local fell races hopefuly then the wharfedale marathon :)