Wednesday, 13 July 2011

manning up

it never ceases to amaze me how kind and supportive fellow runners / bloggers are when you need a bit of a lift or a boot up the proverbial. or to put it another way, as was gratefully suggested, to 'man up'. so thank you for all the lifts, boots, pearls of wisdom and phrases now embedding themselves in the daily vernacular.

so...yesterday was good. run to work at 0445. run back at 1730. 34.81 miles. 4550ft of gritstone trail. no ill effects. should have eaten more than a couple of gels both ways but glad to land back in the evening at the knot inn in my village for full fat coke and salty snacks.
the psychology of running back in the evening is always harder than the morning run..but then i guess that's where the 'manning up' really happens.

along the way hares were aplenty. a randy bull made me divert a field*. and the jump of a deer over a fenceline would have put most horses at hickstead to shame. sheer effortless elegance, unlike my shuffling. and all too quick to catch on camera bar the bull. so here's nice pic of macc forest instead. cheers guys.

* i didn't 'man up' quite enough at this particular point in the proceedings

Thursday, 7 July 2011

no time for over analysis

osmotherley? pass. next please.
sometimes when stuff doesn't work out or go as you planned and imagined, for whatever number of reasons, you've just got to regroup, dig deep and move on.
the naked truth can be ugly
i need to rediscover the beautiful truth
with the truth of being unprepared for the upcoming lakeland 50, that's all i have to say right now. either a great experience awaits or one of titanic proportions. i've three weeks to mend things

Friday, 1 July 2011

i run for fun

so why the day before osmotherley phoenix (33m) and i am sat examining in detail my splits for my previous two attempts? will i be constantly checking my watch? will i enjoy it? will it all end in tears? i'll let you all know :)