Sunday, 15 May 2011


thanks to all our virtual buddies who sent in healing, tips and know what, im hoping, touch wood, fingers crossed that that barrage of positive vibes sent my knee firmly on its way to recovery. its seen 38 miles over the last few days without issue during or after and importantly no trouble at the very start of a run.
i must say people can be extremely kind and thoughtful and none moreso than in our running communities where despite competition people still really do look out for one another. so guys a big thank you to you all (and a big lick and tail wag from his nibs whose hoping to be getting out more for some proper stuff!) i hope by coming out and saying that im not jinxing myself.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

temporary derailment

the trains aren't running on time in the world of ultra collie. in fact im not sure they're running at all. i remember the old british rail slogan..'we're getting there'..i don't think i am sadly. my knee has taken a retrograde step backwards and i'm now starting to no longer see the funny side..what funny side!! i dont believe physio is on top of it so next port of call will probably be a scan to rule stuff out or in.
after a most brilliant 2010, 2011 has yet to get started really and there is a fear that it might not. there's only so much optimism one can have before realism gets the better of you.
i will try to crack on a bit but i do fear that any proper long stuff might just be ruled out for the time being.
drat drat and double drat. and bugger.