Monday, 27 August 2012

on track far it's all going to plan. injuries overcome and about 6 weeks of good training completed. this time im building up slowly and it seems to be working. im now at about 40 miles pw.
a week in the lakes was a tonic..lots of walking (with mrs uc and his nibs) and running (with his nibs). sadly my i phone passed away up on park fell head..torrential rain got the better of no pics from me..thankfully mrs uc took some

yesterday i did the inagural 12.12 trail race over burbage moor and the surrounding area. organised by the bigrunningweekend im sure the event will take off like the lakeland 50/100 eventually did. i used it as a good training run finishing strongly and feeling fresh enough the day after ie today to face another hard week of training.
another thing im doing differently this time is a lot of running specific gym work. ive never been a great fan of gyms but this time im trying to rebuild properly (a bit like the six million dollar man... 'david donaghue a man barely able to run...gentlemen we can rebuild him') and im actually enjoying it as i can see and feel the benefits, unlike before when i just fannied around on machines doing anything i fancied but doing nothing of any real benefit
in two weeks im doing the yorkshireman half thats not a half, and hoping to get to that in better shape still.
then its the inaugural glencoe marathon which im really looking forward to.
all this with an eye to my big 2013 goal
slowly slowly catch the monkey as they say