Friday, 13 July 2012

where have all the bloggers gone

does blogging have a natural life cycle..especially for something quite narrowband like running? is there only so much you can say before you start to feel like a doddery old dear, with rotten fruit in a bowl, constantly banging on about roughly the same things. this blog goes back to 2008 and for me at least it records some of the great stuff my and the ultrarunningcollie have been up to as well as the occasional random post on something non-running. but i feel less enthusiatic about blogging these days and so it appears are a lot of other fellow bloggers whose posts i really enjoyed but who also appear to have dried up..its not the same

heres a roll call of some of the blogged out bloggers (where are you?)

will meridith
loneliness of a part time runner
running bear
donning studs in may
run like a girl
julies running blog
calva or bust
andrew and jasper
desert running

then theres a few who like me seem to be just hanging in there, blogging much less frequently and with less umph than before

run forest run
4 winds
ultra stu
then stop
smiley runner

theres others too

its a shame. a moment , albeit a long one, where we shared stories. the triumphs. the disasters. the in-betweenees. the highs. the lows. the injuries. the funny side. but most of all the craic, the commaraderie and the was a pleasure, a joy and we met some of you too..i wish we'd met more. maybe we will. one day

there's a little bit more left in our blogging days..if only charlie could type you'd probably get a daily post!

Monday, 2 July 2012

the whaley waltz

the whaley waltz fell from whaley bridge up to windgather rocks, turn around and run all the way back down. then jump into the river goyt to amuse the baying  masses, hungry for entertainment. so i did my best peter kay bombing entry impersonation. its that simple. its bloody marvellous. and one of my favourite races ever
i bomb at 1 minute into the film.. marks out of ten??