Wednesday, 3 December 2008

(nearly) goodbye 2008, (nearly) hello 2009

i can't believe it! how quickly has this year gone.
we've had loads and loads of fun and new adventures in new places, and some familiar ones too. 7 ultras and 1 marathon completed as a 'team' and somewhere around 2500 miles. probably the two that stand out were the highland fling (a great race, wonderful people and our first venture over 50miles) and osmotherley (we knocked 1 hr and 5 mins off last years attempt and it is a special race for us having been our first ultra ever).

being a bit anal, i need to plan 09 well ahead and so i've just about completed selecting the key long races, which will be indespersed with some shorter fell races locally.

so here goes (subject to change)

that's lyth - jan
rombalds stride - feb
high peak marathon - mar
wuthering hike - mar (assuming not still lost on high peak)
spring in lakeland - april
highland fling - april
coast to coast - may (hmm?)
wharfedale - june
osmotherley - july
lakeland 50 - august
ridgeway 85 - august (hmm?)
high peak 40 - sept
snowdon - oct (solo)

eek! that's a few more sneaking in than this year. the coast to coast still deciding about. anyway, looks like some more fun, rain, mud, hills, and inspiring places to be had!
best get training!


kate said...

i've been planing next year from my sick bed ;)

looks like a good year! i'm really annoyed that we missed the entry for the high peak marathon, maybe 2010.

i'm also tempted by the lakeland 50-have you thought about the 100?
and finally, what's the coast to coast, sounds interesting?

ultra collie said...

daytime tv must be bad?
i'm doing the 50 as charlie's not allowed to do the 100, even though i bet he could. quite easily.
ah, the little matter of the coast to coast. about 190miles from st bees to robin hoods bay. reckoning on a marathon a day so 7 days should get us there!

kate said...

so is the c2c an organized race or are you doing it yourself?
we're planning on the west highland way in may-not running but speedy backpacking.