Monday, 11 February 2013


'Slip sliding away, slip sliding away 
You know the nearer your destination, the more you slip sliding away'

so a lovely little trip up to kentmere horseshoe with my mate steve (zodiac ) daniels and the ultra running collie himself

quite an innocuous-looking round that day from the valley floor 

but the higher up the garburn pass we went the greater the snow and yes, the ice

no bother, i'll pop my spikes on..that should do the trick

well kind of...steve was comically upended on 3 occasions by sheet ice hidden by a thin veneer of snow. his first fall, he was taken down in full flight and slid a good 12 feet or more on his back..thankfully cushioned by his backpack

you know you shouldn't laugh but you do..and you laugh too soon. it was long before i got my comeuppance on two different but equally bruising falls. and both times lay there wincing at the fleetingly temporary pain whilst uncontrollably giggling away at myself

so much for spikes eh! in a scientific study of n=3 , one without spikes fell 3 times, one with twice and my four pawed buddy fell nil, zero, zilch times. paws>spikes

the weather claggy, cold and with white dreamy vistas

its a bad do when you've got to hold onto my pooch to stay upright eh steve ?;-)

a top fun round finished off in true style with a full english back at wilfs cafe in staverley..adventures dont come much better :-)


4 Winds said...

Proper snowy adventure, that. :)
Me and Spook have got everything crossed for a bit more down here.

sbrt said...

4 paw drive wins every time.

Was the full English part of the new training regime?

ultra collie said...

paul..whats it with snow and collies!

steve..a full english is a permanent fixture in my diet calendar

Debs M-C said...

We weren't far from you at the weekend. The plan was to run from Dalemain to Ambleside, but we had to turn back half-way. Gutted. But it means I've got an excuse for another visit next month :-)

ultra collie said...

hey debs...did the snow / ice block you..we ran bits of that leg at the start / end of the horseshoe..would have been funny bumping into you all