Saturday, 30 March 2013

what is it with running?

im not posting much these days for two reasons...i dont want this blog to become boring (though it probably already is) and secondly, i dont think people have time for lengthy droning on in this day and age. we're into short and sweet not war and peace

so i'll cut a long story short. after around 10 years of running it still amazes me that you can go out one day and think you're sailing like the wind and blowing like the wind, then you look at your watch and feel utter disappointment at your actual pace :-(  Then the next day you're bimbling along feeling like you're not breaking any land speed records, running really comfortably within yourself, and then bingo! the watch moment of truth that tells you otherwise :-)

that's all i've got to say about that


4 Winds said...

Hi David - much the same here re. posting and I'm probably doing more mileage now that I ever was.

Much the same here re.percieved effort and all that, too.
Sometimes it takes ages to get going, other times it's like you've got the wind at your back.


sbrt said...

Only joking mate.

I usually forget to stop or even start my watch. Probably for the best. Saves being disappointed.

Mike said...

I can bore for England!, makes up for my general lack of ability :)... however that very thing happened today ..thought all went well, but :(

Hayfella said...

Don't worry Dave - it's the same after 30 years of running too!

oldrunningfox. said...

Yeah, I sometimes feel embarrassed publishing the same old rubbish about the same old places, but I can usually find something different about an oft repeated run, even if it's only the wind blowing in a different direction!

Unknown said...

Im new to blogger but running is something any human body loves, I belive so. Some do to for a purpose with time and others because they love it. In the end, both are sailing in the same boat. LOLzzz

Morag Heirs said...

But please keep writing even just a wee bit!