Friday, 12 September 2014

hello there anybody out there?
long time no posting by us
but just a quick word to say we're still here, still running, and still loving (virtually) every minute of it!
ultrarunningcollie himself is around 12+ yrs now and whilst not doing the really long stuff anymore, he's showing no signs of letting up..and still he manages to dupe strangers into thinking he's merely a 'boy'..shame i can't say the same about me!


Derby Tup said...

Good to hear from you and the hound. Keep on keeping on . . .

4 Winds said...

Wotcha! Good to hear from you again - Spook's showing signs of wear and tear too, but still fitter and faster than me!

All the best,


Lynne Taylor said...

Hello! as long as you both enjoy getting out, that's all that matters.

Runningbear said...

Hello. Yes still here :)

Glad you are both enjoying life, running and everything.
Hope to kickstart RB blogging again very soon... Keep in touch


ultra collie said...

dt - belated 'congratulations' hope wedded life is treating you both well!

4winds - back at yer paul...pats to spook from us

lynne - hello! and quite!

rb - miss your blog..hope your house is all done and your running's good :-)

Stu Stod said...

It is funny how the blogsters, including myself disappeared almost overnight. Good to hear your still well :-)